Traveling? Everything You Need To Know About Leaving Your Pet While You’re Gone!

Need to get away?

For many pet owners, traveling is a luxury or even an impossibility, because of concerns with pet care. Kennels and other boarding facilities can be very expensive and, in some cases, could expose your pet to health problems and infections, such as kennel cough.

If you’re one of the 47% of American pet owners who struggle to get away because of pet care issues, finding a pet sitter could be your ideal option. When it comes to picking the place for your pets to stay when you’re traveling, there’s no better place than home!

Through services like TrustedHousesitters, you can choose a trusted, and vetted sitter to care for your home and pets when you’re traveling. Veterinarians agree that most pets are happier at home. Pets have an easier time adapting to a new carer than a new environment, such as a boarding facility.

Traveling pet
Don’t let your pet get lonely while you’re traveling!

Complete peace of mind

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behavioral disorders to affect dogs, with up to one in seven affected. Animal welfare specialist and veterinarian, Pete Wedderburn, explained in a white paper that engaging a house sitter to look after a pet in their own home can help reduce the risk of anxiety. Homeowners can leave their pets’ favorite toys and treats so everyone can continue to feel comfortable and loved.

When your pets are relaxed and anxiety-free, you will be too. Saying goodbye to your beloved pets when going away is never easy, but having the peace of mind that they are safe at home certainly helps. Let’s just say that you too, might actually be able to relax more while you’re on vacation (as you should!).

TrustedHousesitters owners and sitters often meet beforehand, to talk through the home and pets’ unique needs and routines. If homeowners have a new dog, there won’t be any lapse in training. Homeowners may even return from vacation to find their dog has perfected “come” and “stay!” Some homeowners even share a meal with the sitter, before they are dropped off at the airport by their sitter! Sitters send regular updates to owners, showing the adventures they are sharing with the pets during their stay.

what to do with your pet while traveling
Owners, sitter and pets bond through TrustedHousesitters, giving members like Nicole complete peace of mind while traveling!

Arriving Home After Traveling

Readjusting after a trip couldn’t be easier when your home and pets are waiting for you, as you left them. Owners often find their sitter have left fresh flowers and a home cooked meal – along with happy, healthy and well-groomed pets. TrustedHousesitters member, Siobhan, says:

“[Our sitters] have loved and looked after our animals, our veggie garden and baby plants in the greenhouse. To top it off, we returned to a spotless house that has been vacuumed, dusted and mopped within an inch of its life. What a lovely way to come home from a vacation!”

Find your perfect pet sitter today and go away with complete peace of mind with Trusted Housesitters. Use code PETFLOW at checkout for a month’s free membership!


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