We Celebrated The Zephyr with Hill’s Pet Nutrition!

Several PetFlow members were lucky enough to be part of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center’s celebration for the one year anniversary of The Zephyr and the Go Team! We had so much fun seeing all the lucky animals that were adopted with all their adoption fees covered by PetFlow and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

What is the Zephyr?

The Zephyr is a custom rescue vehicle!
The Zephyr is a life saving rescue vehicle!

The Zephyr is a state of the art, climate controlled, rescue vehicle that provides a safe and comfortable journey for up to 80 pets. The Zephyr was custom built to allow the Go Team at St. Hubert’s to provide immediate care to rescues not only in the surrounding NJ area but, across the country. 

Due to the customizability of The Zephyr, it can go on any kind of rescue from a hoarding situation to a natural disaster relief mission. In fact, the night before we celebrated the amazing work The Zephyr and the Go Team do, they were on a mission rescuing over 300 pets at the largest hoarding case recorded in NJ. Speaking with members of the Go Team we understood how important The Zephyr is when extreme rescue missions are presented. 

Who is the Go Team?

The Zephyrs provides safe passage for up to 80 animals!
The Zephyr helps save pets in dire situations so they can find their forever homes.

The Go Team is a group of volunteers that are constantly on call and ready to attend to any kind of situation where animals may be in danger and need to be moved to a safe environment. Most of the time the Go Team is called when animals are in need of immediate care. When the Go Team was called to take care of the 200 dogs there were astonished at the sheer amount of dogs inside a single family home. There were so many dogs that almost every area of the house was taken up by a dog. It takes a special kind of person to be able to coax a nursing mother out of the drywall of a hoarding house.

Thanks Go Team!

We can’t thank the Go Team enough for providing amazing care to animals in need of it most. PetFlow is dedicated to helping as many animals find their furever home as possible. That’s why we donate a bowl of food to a pet in need for every box we ship through our Good Deeds program. The Go Team is on the front lines of rescuing and caring for rescued pets. We want to ensure that the Go Team continues to do the work they are best at. The Zephyr and the Go Team rely heavily on donations and sponsorships so feel free to show your thanks by supporting them here.

At the Zephyr’s 1-year birthday, Hill’s Pet Nutrition sponsored all the adoption fees for the whole weekend, helping more pets in need find their forever homes. Hill’s has a long history of donating food to shelters. Supporting the team that is often the first response to an urgent situation was a natural next step, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.



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