Milo’s Kitchen – Made in the USA!

Our friends at Smucker’s came in to do a training session, and we wanted to share with you a few of their treat offerings from Milo’s Kitchen!

Like PetFlow, the Smucker’s family is made up of all pet parents.

Milo’s Kitchen strives to make homestyle dog treats that are appealing to your pets. All of their delicious recipes contain 100% real chicken, beef or duck!

milo's kitchen treats displayed in bowls
Top Left: Chicken Meatballs Top Right: Grilled Burger Bites Bottom Left: Steak Grillers, Bottom Right: Chicken Grillers

At Milo’s Kitchen, they strongly believe that dogs deserve a treat that lives up to the high standards that we set for ourselves and our loved ones.

Because, after all, our dogs are family and nothing says, “I Love You” more than something made with love and care, like Milo’s Kitchen!

Many people love to indulge their pets with treats.  With Milo’s Kitchen treats you can rest assured because they are made in the United States, in either Spanish Fork, UT or Siloam Springs, AR.

milo's kitchen treats are made in the USA

These crave-worthy, tender treats combine real meat that dogs love with veggies! Furthermore, we love these treats is that they smell absolutely amazing – seriously!

Sounds a bit strange, but there is nothing worse than a treat your pet LOVES, but you can’t stand the smell of!

Chicken Meatballs Homestyle Dog Treats

The Chicken Meatballs Dog Treats is one of the most popular recipes from Milo’s Kitchen. They are made with real Chicken as the #1 ingredient. These treats are often described as wholesome and delicious, and Milo’s Kitchen has a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Check out this review from one of our loyal PetFlow customers who swear by Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats for her 2 German Shepherds!

Milo's Kitchen homestyle dog treats

review from a PetFlow customer who buys Milo's Kitchen for their picky German Shepherds

If you like the sound of those Chicken Meatballs then be sure to check out Milo’s Kitchen’s newest recipe:

Chicken Recipe with Wild Rice & Spring Vegetables Dog Treats

new milo's kitchen treats - chicken recipe with wild rice and spring vegetables

These delicious treats have all-natural ingredients including chicken, wild rice, carrots and green beans! Dogs love these treats, and they’re appealing to even the pickiest of eaters.

Next time you’re shopping for a treat for your dog, check out Milo’s Kitchen selection of delicious treats on PetFlow.

Milo’s new recipe, the Chicken Recipe with Wild Rice & Spring Vegetables does not have any trace of meat by-products, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

These high-protein snacks are full of flavor and come packed with homestyle goodness and are perfect for dogs of all breed sizes. With these treats, we really like that you’re able to serve them whole for large breed dogs or break them into smaller bite-sized pieces for smaller dogs and pups. This feature makes these treats a great addition to any multi-pet household or office, like ours!

That’s a win in our book, what about yours?

Next time your pet needs a new treat, or you’re in the mood to spoil your fur baby check out Milo’s Kitchen at PetFlow for a variety of great products your pet is sure to enjoy.

Smucker’s always says: “Because, after all, our dogs are family and nothing says, “I love you” more than something made with love and care.”

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The J. M. Smucker Company logo. (PRNewsFoto/The J. M. Smucker Company)

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