Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy


Nutro’s Feed Clean Philosophy was created in response to the common question from many pet parents: “What is the best way to feed dogs and cats?” Nutro has dedicated their time to finding the best answer to that question for all of the loving pet parents overwhelmed by the many choices on shelves today!

PetFlow and Nutro agree that there is no greater privilege than to be loved by your pet.  When it comes to our pets wellbeing, there is also no greater responsibility. Nutro believes that your pets diet is what energizes them from the inside out – and we completely agree! With that in mind, they wanted to develop the Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy to help pet parents understand what clean feeding is and how to do it.

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Dogs and Cats Love Nutro’s Feed Clean Philosophy


We know there are a ton of pet food options to choose from nowadays and we want to explain why we think Nutro is a great option for those looking to Feed Clean.  Nutro is one of the oldest pet food brands out there, and one of the leading pet food manufacturers in premium dry dog and cat food. Their team places a heavy emphasis on having real, recognizable, non-GMO ingredients in their dry dog and dry cat food recipes. Nutro’s dry dog and cat recipes are fortified with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your pet’s overall health and well-being.


Clean can mean different things to different people, but for Nutro, The Feed Clean Philosophy makes sure both dogs and cats are eating simple, purposeful, and trustworthy food. They ensure that each dry cat and dog food is made of real, recognizable, non-GMO ingredients.
(Trace amounts of genetically modified ingredients may be present due to cross contact during manufacturing)


When dealing with an overwhelming amount of pet food options, sometimes simple ingredients are better. Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy sources only simple non-GMO ingredients. Nutro ensures these ingredients are as close to their native form as possible. The Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy will never add artificial preservatives, colors, or any artificial flavors into their dry dog and cat food recipes.  Nutro vows to never use ingredients including chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy protein ever again.  These are ingredients that have been added into pet food over the years, but do not coincide with our fur babies ancestral diets.


With the Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy, Nutro produces nutrient-rich food. This ensures that every single ingredient serves a precise purpose. This makes the high-quality protein in your pets specific recipe the foundation of each recipe. Nutro’s concept relates back to the ancestral theory of high ratios of animal protein and animal fat.  Ultimately in the wild this is what our pets would thrive on.


Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy promises to protect the integrity of your pet food at every stage of the process.  They truly take pride in their philosophy to Feed Clean; they source from only trusted farmers and suppliers and prepare their recipes in trusted facilities. This ensures their recipes go through rigorous testing to ensure both quality and safety as a standard as well.

At PetFlow we believe that all pets deserve the best!  We place an emphasis on nutrition and one of our top brands, Nutro, does the same.  Next time you’re having trouble deciding on a food for your pets, keep the Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy in mind and check out their great recipes.  While the Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy has only  been implemented for their dry kibble cat and dog recipes, they are already in the process of implementing the same philosophy and standards for their canned recipes!

We all want to help extend our pets lives. Nutro found a way to help with their Nutro Feed Clean Philosophy. Through clean feeding we can help our pets revert back to their ancestral ways. Nutro’s Feed Clean Philosophy ensures we can watch our pets really thrive during their time with us.  Now really,  what pet parent doesn’t want that?

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