Thank You For Supporting The Louisiana Flood Relief Efforts

In mid-August of this year, Louisiana suffered from massive flooding. The flooding dumped over 30 inches of rain in some parts of the state. With 30 inches of rain the damage to buildings was devastating. Some of the buildings damaged were animal shelters. In an effort to help the flood relief, Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) and Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter took in several displaced animals from flooded shelters.

Both ARNO and Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, like many shelters, rely heavily on donations. They do as much as they can to help pets in need but, often times, funding only goes so far. One of the biggest drains on resources for the shelters is the cost of food. With the influx of displaced animals, the strain of feeding all the animals for their entire stay became even more apparent.

Your Incredible Donations

Thanks for your incredible donations!
PetFlow staff with all of our customer’s donations!

When we saw the challenges these shelters faced, we decided to reach out to you, our amazing pet parents, for some extra support. We knew several people had already contacted us to ask if they could help in any way. So, we wanted to give everyone the chance to show their love and compassion for animals. You did not disappoint!

We had over 625 donations which came out to be over 9,900 lbs. of food and supplies! In addition to the overwhelming support you showed, Wellness Pet Food also matched 10,000 lbs. of pet food!

Our friend and dog trainer, Zak George, met the trucks down at Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter and ARNO to see just how many donations you made. Zak and the directors of the shelters were blown away by the sheer amount of food and supplies! Kathy Perra, Director of ARNO, said “We were not expecting this much!” when the donations arrived. Kathy and the animals were relieved to know that they wouldn’t need to worry about mealtimes for quite some time.

Zak George Spent Some Time With Rescue Dog Mason

Spend time with a shelter pet!
Zak George and shelter dog Mason got to hang out for the day!

Once the trucks had been unloaded Zak George spent the day with Mason, an adoptable dog waiting for his furever home! Spending the day with a shelter dog is a great way to help dogs prepare for their permanent home. Often times, shelter dogs rely on volunteers to get a chance to go for a walk. When shelter dogs can walk on a leash and socialize with people, they are so much more adoptable. Even if you can’t foster a dog, if you spend a day with a shelter dog, it can greatly increase their chance of finding a new home. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend a day with a cutie like Mason! If you want to see Zak George and Mason’s video, click here!

Thanks For Your Support

Helping the flood relief
Zak George with Shelter Directors Robin and Kathy.

Without your support, none of this would have been possible! PetFlow, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, ARNO, Zak George, and Wellness Pet Food all sincerely thank everyone that shops with us because no matter what – for every box we ship, we donate a bowl of food to a pet in need.

If you have a shelter you want to donate to, just fill in the shelter’s address in the ‘Ship To’ portion of checkout! We will deliver anywhere within the continental US.

Thanks again for your continued support! We are truly proud to serve amazing pet parents like you! If you have a rescue story, share it in the comments!