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Midwest Black E-coat Exercise Pen with Door

Check out this popular playtime product!
This popular product makes playtime safe!

If you’ve read Zak George’s post about potty training or controlling your dog’s environment, you know how important it is to give your pet a safe and contained area. This exercise pen is the perfect place to let your pet play and stretch out without worrying about the couch cushions. Just remember that pets can still get into trouble, so be sure to check in on your furry friends every once in awhile!

Drinkwell Fountain with Reservoir

This water fountain is one of our most popular products!
Don’t let your pets go thirsty with this popular product!

One of our PetFlow pups sticks his nose up to old water so when he’s thirsty and his water bowl isn’t fresh, his head ends up in the toilet! But, now that he’s tried out this fountain he has said goodbye to his toilet days! Dehydrated pets are very common and the easiest way to help your pets is to provide them with a fresh and filtered water source. This fountain provides 50 ounces of continuously filtered water, so your pet will never be thirsty again!

Earth Rated lavender-Scented Poop Bags

Clean up with this popular product
Don’t fear the doo with this popular product!

We all dread this part of having a pet. Cleaning up after your furry friends is never fun, but these bags make it a bit more pleasant (if that’s possible). The lavender scent masks some of the most evil smells from some of the cutest animals. Plus, these bags are durable enough to hold even the largest gifts your favorite four-legged friends leave you.

Frontline Plus

This popular product will help keep your pet safe
Protect your dogs from ticks with this popular product!

Did you know that ticks can survive year round? Lyme disease is incredibly common in the Northeast. About 50% of ticks carry lyme disease which leaves your dogs in pain and can lead to death. Easily prevent lyme disease, lice, and fleas with this easily applied topical preventative. Getting rid of sneaky pests was never this easy!

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher

Entertain your pets with this popular product
Keep your pets busy with this popular product!

Do you have a pet that just can’t get enough of his ball? Winnie, a PetFlow pet, will be sound asleep but the second a tennis balls is bounced, he is up and ready to play! This Automatic Ball Launcher lets Winnie have fun while his pet parents ice their throwing arm. If you have a ball motivated pet, this ball launcher is a pet and parent’s dream come true!

Wisdom Panel Canine Genetic Test

You'll learn so much about your canine with this popular product
Learn about your furry friend with this popular product

Everyone here at PetFlow is passionate of rescue pets, especially when they become part of our PetFlow family! This canine genetic test allows pet parents to know the exact genetic makeup of their favorite canine! Plus, the test screens your pet for any genetic mutations so you’ll be prepared for any future vet trips!

World’s Best Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter

World's Best is one of our popular products
The World’s Best Cat Litter is one of our most popular products

The name says it all! If you have multiple cats like our Digital Sales Expert, Fallon, you’ll know that having the right litter makes a world of difference. This multiple cat litter clumps easily so you can be sure that no smells will linger after you clean out the box!

Fellway Comforting Diffuser for Cats

Keep calm and spray on!
Calm your cats by using this popular product

Cats respond really well to aromatherapy. In fact, one of our partner shelters, St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, uses aroma diffusers in all their cat rooms. When cats are placed in a stressful situation this diffuser helps calm them. The diffuser sends out natural feline pheromones to signal that the area is safe. If your cat has a hard time transitioning or dealing with other pets, this diffuser can help prevent destructive behavior like urine spraying and scratching.

Thundershirt for Dogs

Don't let summer storms scare your pooch!
Keep your dogs calm with this popular product

It wasn’t until this summer that one of our PetFlow pets, Tucker, became scared during thunderstorms. With the help of his new Thundershirt, Tucker now braves even the fiercest summer storms. It’s amazing how much of a difference a simple shirt can make in your pet’s life!

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